How to Roll the Ultimate Joint

This is our step by step guide to rolling the best joint you have ever smoked in your life. If you’re a blunt smoker and prefer them over joints, then learn how to roll a blunt to the standards that would impress Snoop Dog (Lion) and Willie Nelson.

To roll the perfect joint that will give you the best hits and make all your friends envious of your professional rolling capabilities you’ll need:

  1. Rolling papers.
  2. Marijuana, aka, cannabis, bud, weed, herb, grass, chronic, Mary Jane, pot
  3. A shredder to break it up (or your fingers if you have the patience to rip it up by hand)
  4. Some saliva (you know, your spit) or a source of moisture.
  5. A good movie to watch, some munchies, and a free evening of relaxation for when you’re stoned out of your mind because of this method.


Since a lot of smokers often complain that joint paper is often too stiff to roll, there is a way to quickly bend it for increased flexibility. Wrap the paper around a cigarette, pen or pencil and roll it around over and over for a minute or so. This small exercise makes the rolling paper more elastic and loose so that it can be shaped into a joint.

After you’ve warmed up the rolling paper lay it down onto a flat surface. Make sure that sticky side is at the top and facing the ceiling.

Now equally divide your ripped up or shredded bud into the rolling paper.

rolling a joint

Optionally you could try mixing in a small amount of tobacco or dried mint to your flower material for added flavor. A filler tobacco or plant will also help to take up more space so that you don’t burn through your pot stash so quickly. If you want just straight chronic in your joint rather than rolling up a spliff then don’t mix it with anything else. Be sure to break up your dank into as small of bits as you can before using it to fill the rolling paper. The herb bits must be spaced out evenly along the length of the paper to ensure that the joint doesn’t fall apart later on. If the dank weed is distributed in an uneven manner, the joint could “boat” or burn unevenly.

Once the weed and any extras like tobacco or mint are spread out across the rolling paper, pick it up with your fingers and thumbs spread out evenly at each end.

Lick the sticky section along the top of the rolling paper. Hold the paper between your thumbs and middle/index fingers.

Apply enough pressure so that the joint contents remain tightly packed and stable throughout the rolling process. Slowly feed the upper, loose paper downwards while rolling the pocketed bottom section forward. Always apply pressure in an even and balanced manner while rolling the paper between your fingers and thumbs.

Rolling joint instructions

If any of the buds spill out, don’t panic. You can stuff them back in at the top at the end of the joint rolling process. Just brush the spillage to the side for the moment. Slide a finger across the length of the joint to make sure that there are no bulges. The contents should always remain equally divided.

Once the joint is smoothly shaped you’ll begin to wrap the ends of the joint. You’ll want to wrap the joint as tightly as you can. Hold the joint at its bottom with your thumb. This ensures that the joint stays packed tightly and the contents don’t fall out. Use your index finger and thumb on your other hand to wrap the tip of the joint. Once the tip has been wrapped, reverse the process to wrap the bottom. You can twist the very ends of the paper together at the tip and bottom so that they turn into a small pointy stick or string shape. These ends can always be cut off with a scissors if you desire.

Your Joint should look like the one bellow, if it looks different try again reading the instructions over again until you get it right.


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