How to Roll the Best Hitting Blunt

Learning how to roll a blunt, though it can be discouraging, can also turn into an art form when mastered. Keeping in mind that you are essentially rolling a hyper-functional cigar, there are a few things you should always keep in mind when learning and perfecting blunt rolling skills, such as how the final product will hit when puffed on. Keep to these general steps, and you should be rolling blunts in no time.

  1. Discard anything unwanted: Much of this will depend on what you choose to roll with, as well as the grade of marijuana you are using, but these are important things to remember. If you have an herb grinder, remove stems and seeds before placing your marijuana in. If you plan to roll with a cigar that already contains tobacco, this is where you should crack it open. Many cigars make re-rolling easy–they contain a thin but pliable outer leaf that should be preserved. Find the seam by following the diagonal wrapping, and carefully unwrap the cigar, exposing the inner leaf. You should see another vertical seam–crack the cigar along that line carefully, and discard of the unwanted tobacco.


  1. Preparing the marijuana: Choose the amount of marijuana you want to use depending on its quality, whether or not you are sharing, or how much you plan to smoke. Again, if you are using an herb grinder, be sure to remove the seeds and stems beforehand. While many smokers claim that smoking the seeds produce a very bad headache, stems can punch holes in your blunt, forcing it to not pull through. If you are breaking the marijuana up by hand, make sure to break it down to as fine as possible for the best yield. Make sure not to lose the powdery substance that may be left as residue–this is actually the most potent part of the marijuana.


  1. Rolling the blunt: Spread the marijuana across the inner leaf of the cigar in a line. Keeping the marijuana as even as possible, pick up the inner leaf and keeping both middle fingers straight, slightly pinch the leaf between your thumb and index fingers. Position it comfortably, and use a slow upwards and downwards motion until you can comfortably transfer the blunt from your index to middle fingers. Now you can lick the blunt across on the entire edge–this is what will seal it. Now, using your middle fingers to support the blunt, slowly start to roll it over itself between your thumbs and index fingers. The first roll may be more of a slight fold on your first few times, but this can be fixed with a tighter pass on the second or third time.


  1. Using the outer leaf: Moisten the outer leaf and lay it down on a flat surface. Take your partially rolled blunt, and place it diagonally down on top of the leaf. With little pressure, the moist leaf should stick to your blunt as you slowly roll the blunt on the surface, guiding the leaf along the blunt to make it even–rip or cut off any part of the leaf you do not need. Your blunt should be just right–not too tight, or too loose. If you find it is one of the two, you can carefully unwrap the leaf, and adjust the blunt accordingly.


Before it is successfully done the first time, rolling a blunt can seem much more difficult than it really is. However, rolling a blunt is like riding a bike–once you do it well once or twice, you will never have a problem again.


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