How to Make the Best Tasting Firecrackers

Today we will learn how to make firecrackers. No not the explosive type you light up on the forth of July, or New Years, but the type that light YOU up on forth of July, New Years, or any other day you feel like getting lit from the baked crackers. Enough with the word play already, let’s get into the recipe.

First off, if you’ve never had or heard of firecrackers I’ll give you a brief background on what they are and why to consume them. Firecrackers are basically a version of smores but they are baked with weed, peanut butter, and optionally, chocolate, sandwiched in between two crackers. Because of the way they are baked and the mixture of the ingredients with the weed and THC, they produce a strong and rich high unlike the type you feel from eating buds raw, or bud brownies. This recipe will be like something you’ve never experienced before. We recommend you don’t eat these alone, but with friends and experienced stoners. Trust us, we warned you.

What you will need for this fantastic recipe, the ingredients:


You only need about a bowl size bud for each cracker you will make. We prefer to use Legal Weed for this recipe, simply because the high obtained from it baked inside the crackers is something unparalleled. We’ve tried hash, indica, and sativa blends, they will get you ripped as well, but not to the level that the dank legal bud will. Also, you don’t risk failing any drug tests for cannabis or getting arrested because they are fully legal.

Legal Nug


This comes down to personal taste, the only rule is that the bigger the crackers, the better for the recipe. If you use small crackers like Ritz or Saltines, it is doable, but will be harder to sandwich the recipe contents in between because of their small size. We recommend graham crackers, or any other brand of your choice that comes in large sizes.

graham crackers

Tin Foil

You will need to wrap your crackers in thin sheets of tinfoil. It’s best to wrap each cracker in its own small sheet instead of wrapping the whole batch in one big sheet. The reason the tin foil is needed is because without it, when you insert the firecrackers into the oven, the temperature of the oven will vaporize your weed and burn off most of the THC. You’ll be left with a weak non potent version of the crackers.

tin foil


It doesn’t need to be anything special or fancy. Just a regular oven that can be set to bake. If it’s painfully dirty it wouldn’t be a bad idea to clean it up a bit.

The Process

Step 1.

Preheat your oven to 320 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes. Using a temperature lower than this can work it will just take longer for the bake to complete. Using a temperature higher than this and you risk having your weed vaped. Make sure you follow the preheating step so that your firecrackers will bake evenly all around. If you insert them into the oven before preheating and just turn it on, they will not bake evenly.

Step 2.

While your oven is preheating, take out as many crackers as you want to make for your recipe. Spread them out on the counter. Take a plastic or metal butter knife and carefully spread peanut butter across the one side of the cracker. Don’t overdo it and make it sloppy, only use a layer thin enough so that you will still be able to close the other cracker on top of it.

Step 3.

Cut up your bud into as tiny pieces as you can, make them small enough that you could roll a joint with them when you’re done. Don’t crush or smash the bud, just shred it. It should look like oregano or parsley sized.

Step 4.

Sprinkle the weed evenly on the peanut butter covered cracker. Use only about a bowl amount of shredded weed for each cracker, push any lose flakes into the peanut butter with your fingers. Then cover the crackers with their other halves into a sandwich.


Step 5.

Wrap each cracker air tight with tin foil, don’t squeeze the tinfoil to the cracker so it becomes a part of the cracker, just wrap it around it so that it covers it and prevents any air reaching inside.

Step 6.

Place all your crackers evenly spaced out on a bake sheet and insert it into the oven. Cook for 22 minutes exactly. Don’t go over, or under. Doing so can risk burning or undercooking the firecrackers. 22 minutes it the amount we’ve had consistent success with in our cooking. Set a timer so you don’t mess this part up.

Step 7.

When the time is up, take your crackers out of the oven, open up the tinfoil slowly after it’s cooled down a bit and take the firecrackers out. They should be a nice baked brown with a rich peanut butter and cannabis taste filling your nose when you whiff them in. At this stage you can either slide in a piece of chocolate between the peanut butter and place them in the microwave for exactly 15 seconds to melt it in there, or you can eat them the way they are.



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