How to Brew Potent Weed Tea

Before we get started in outlining our awesome time tested process of brewing up the most potent and delicious cup of bud tea we want to give you some background info that you might find useful. First of all, you might wonder if drinking weed is even doable and beneficial in anyway. The simple and short answer is yes. In fact, you can get a much deeper and intense high from drinking marijuana than you can get from any other form of ingesting it, such as smoking or eating.

If you’re a ganja smoking newbie we advise you to proceed with caution, as this recipe is quite strong and will send you on a galactic space trip after you have a cup. This recipe is also perfect for using with legal buds, that way you if you’re not in a state that’s yet legalized marijuana, you can still benefit from getting high by drinking this tea using 100% legal bud, no crime, no jail time, just a fine prime getting higher than the skyline. All that being said, without further ado we present you the instructions for how to make weed tea so good you’ll sleep an accomplished sleep for 2 weeks straight after successfully brewing up a cup of this stuff. Enjoy!


What you will need

Weed – About .5 grams of your best buds, make sure you shred the bud to itys bitsy teeny weeny pieces and flakes. Do not smash it into a powder, just break it up to the size you would normally use when rolling a big blunt.

Butter – You can either use coconut butter, extra virgin olive oil, or regular butter, you need about half a teaspoon so that you can lightly coat your bud with it. Don’t overdo it here and don’t skip this step, thc attaches itself to oils and fats so this step is dire for the brewing process. It also makes everything taste much better.

2 Tea Bags – Green, black, white, or any other flavor you prefer, have two bags, one to use for flavor, and one to take apart to replace its contents with your buds.

Sugar or Honey (Optional) – If you want to add some extra sweetness that will hit the spot just right, add either some organic cane sugar, or raw honey to your tea.

The Process

Step 1: Take your second tea bag and trim it at the top with some scissors, don’t cut it fully just make a gap large enough to be able to dump out the contents inside. After you’ve poured out the tea leaves, use a funnel, piece of paper, or your fingers to pour your cannabis in there.

Step 2: Coat the bud inside the baggy with the butter, or olive oil, making sure to only use a small enough amount to barley cover the weed with a thin coat.

Step 3: Boil some water, when it’s good and hot pour it into a mug.

Step 4: Drop both tea bags into the mug, your bud filled one, and the other one, and let them seep in the mug anywhere from 5-10 minutes. If you’re going to add sugar or honey you can also stir it in at this point. When the water has cooled down enough you can start drinking this amazing drink.

Make sure you’ve set aside an afternoon or evening of not having too much responsibility because depending on how much of this stuff you drink or how much chronic you used in your recipe depends on how in touch with the planet you will be. High doses will literally have you feeling like you’re in outer space walking in zero gravity.

35 replies on “How to Brew Potent Weed Tea”

  1. anthony blackmon says:

    Alright I’m gonna try this recipe and when I’m done whit the amazing high ill post about it

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks! Worked wonders..

  3. cinderloo says:

    Barley should be barely. The tea needs to STEEP in the water not seep. Other than that, this recipient is easy and tasty.

  4. paul says:

    Is it possible to make larger quantities so I can store some fore later?

  5. Shane cameron says:

    I’m going to try this when I gets u tomorrow?
    Got in a car accident fucked my arm up trying to get a weed card you have any info on how one could get referred to a doctor that cold help me I lives in Newfoundlands

  6. Gwen Brascco says:

    I suffer from chronic migraines, and have not smoked in my lifetime. I would like to know the best process to begin with. The strength of the active THC, would it be best for me? Also can you make a weeks supply, and store it?

  7. Avinash says:

    Hi, thanks for your instructions. Just had a question about adding the coconut oil – would adding the boiling water to the teabags for 5-10 minutes be enough time for the THC to be absorbed into the hot water? Also, can that teabag be reused? Thanks for your help 🙂

  8. Ron says:

    Some questions
    1. Why the butter?
    2. Why not just brew it exactly the same as any quality tea with a tea ball or similar utensil?
    3. Why brew it so long? Regular tea you don’t want to brew for more than five minutes, because it gets super bitter.

    In other words, why not treat the buds like any other tea? It might not be as intense of a buzz, but it could be something you could drink and remain functional after, and get the health bene’s.. I dearly love everything about pot, but I’m hyper sensitive to it. Maybe because I did ridiculous amounts back in sixties and seventies, I don’t know. Maybe just cuz I’m an old fart. I can’t even smoke because my lungs try to turn inside out, and even vaping is hard

    Anyway I figured I’d ask someone with a clue before I experimented and did something stupid to myself (again)

    Thanks, brother

  9. oppong kouassi says:

    I will try it and see how it works
    can I prepare the tea without the butter ?
    what would be the effect without using the butter to prepare it ?
    I wanted to prepare the lleaves and the bud in it dried state by cooking for about 10 m unites mix it with honey or lemon
    pls advise me

  10. pedro henrique porto antunes says:

    Hey whats up
    I just threw some water,1tsp of butter or more and a tea bag.I supressed the weed all the way while it boiled,after 40 minutes in has turned inti a very strong green liquid.
    I dont if i did right

  11. Monique says:

    Hi. I was wondering if you could help me. I would like to try your recipe. But mine is for medical purposes. I have 2 toddler who suffer from sleep disorders and nightmares. And I would like to give them some tea b4 bed. How would you suggest I do this so that it is mild.

  12. Julianne Sosh says:

    I have severe fibromyalgia and IBS I was wondering if the tea would help

  13. Jay says:

    Will keurig tea/coffee machines work? Instead of tea bad will the k cups work as a replacement?
    Thank you for the site!

  14. madbluffboyza says:

    Im going to try this, Def no newbie eish cant wait! My chest is no good after 15 bongs a day have to do sinus rinses to try and help it out, hopefully a lekker strong brew of this recipe can see me the day, make 2ltrs into ice tea and move around, no one will ever no lol, wont have to worry about the coff or bong lips/breath again! Get get gooft and stay healthy same time? U kidding me ekse!! I hope this recipe works. Will tjoon u how it vaai’s ekse!!! Peace from sunny SA!!

  15. bill says:

    how much do you use measuring in teaspoons? and how long will the potency last if kept in the refrigerator? thanks

  16. Lupe says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I need to make tea for a sick daughter. I tried it before, but
    She said it did not work. I did not know I needed to add oil or butter. She has a lot of pain and I would rather she takes some natural medication rather than other harmful choices.

  17. scubba steve says:

    Yes, tea, I’ve been telling people tea is the way,… I take 1 gram of buds,… Not shake,… Not leaves. Leaves will get you un-hi… I soak the buds,(usually flo or bubbakush) in everclear (bout a quarter inch in the bottom of jar of bud) for about 10 minz. This shortens the steep time. I use a coffee maker, with coffee filters to brew, so not really steeping, but brewing. Pour the weed alcohol mix into the coffee makers filter, make sure it goes in the pot. Brew 2 cups through the herb,. Just like brewing coffee. Add sugar, and drink.

  18. MJ Jannicelli says:

    Recently I learned I probably should not smoke cannibis so I was looking at your site on how to make weed tea. Thank you so much. I was concerned but you really made it simple and I was especially happy to hear it is potent. Amazing site. I am forever grateful.

  19. holly says:

    Will the tea taste buttery

  20. Glo says:

    Thank you, this will be helpful for friends with lung issues.

  21. joe says:

    How long should I leave the bags in the brew? Should they be removed after 10 minutes or longer?

  22. Wendy Woolhead says:

    I was hoping to make a larger batch than just a cup at a time as this is time consuming.

    Looking forward to checking out this tea however. Can I use loose tea leaves n the coated bud in a tea steeper instead of a tea bag?

  23. Matthias says:

    Could you elaborate on step 2 please? “Coat the weed in butter in the teabag” is what I’m getting from it, but that sounds difficult and incorrect. Help!

  24. Greg says:

    How do you actually coat it with the butter or whatever? I just rolled everything in a small bowl. Not really feeling any effects. thanks.

  25. tmavik says:

    Lol @ walking in zero gravity … definitely trying this out

  26. Trish says:

    going to try it tonight

  27. findingzen says:

    Definitely about to do this from now on..

  28. Connor Bright says:

    I tried to make the tea last night and ended up not felling anything. I used about .5 and olive oil and let it set in the mug for a good 30 mins and drank the whole. Is it possible it sat too long? What are some things I could do to make it work?

  29. wizard says:

    Yeh i did this with 3.5 grams of bud into 2cups omfg when i could finally speak i could only talk in jibberish! I like this very much as i am now a fully fledged Jibberanian!….

  30. Carmen Rago says:

    Exactly how much butter should be used? I also read a different post that suggested boiling the tea bags for 30 mins before drinking.

  31. Tiffany says:

    Does this really work? I’m going to have to try it sometime soon!!! Super excited to try it

  32. Dude says:

    Can I smoke the weed after words ? n will it get me high?

  33. Tristan Jones says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Does the weed need to be decarbed first? Or does the heat of the boiling water take care of that?

  34. delroy says:

    after the weed is placed in the cut tea bag, should’nt the bag be resealed.

  35. Switch says:

    How long will it take to kick in?

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