How to Brew Potent Weed Tea

Before we get started in outlining our awesome time tested process of brewing up the most potent and delicious cup of bud tea we want to give you some background info that you might find useful. First of all, you might wonder if drinking weed is even doable and beneficial in anyway. The simple and short answer is yes. In fact, you can get a much deeper and intense high from drinking marijuana than you can get from any other form of ingesting it, such as smoking or eating.

If you’re a ganja smoking newbie we advise you to proceed with caution, as this recipe is quite strong and will send you on a galactic space trip after you have a cup. This recipe is also perfect for using with legal buds, that way you if you’re not in a state that’s yet legalized marijuana, you can still benefit from getting high by drinking this tea using 100% legal bud, no crime, no jail time, just a fine prime getting higher than the skyline. All that being said, without further ado we present you the instructions for how to make weed tea so good you’ll sleep an accomplished sleep for 2 weeks straight after successfully brewing up a cup of this stuff. Enjoy!


What you will need

Weed – About .5 grams of your best buds, make sure you shred the bud to itys bitsy teeny weeny pieces and flakes. Do not smash it into a powder, just break it up to the size you would normally use when rolling a big blunt.

Butter – You can either use coconut butter, extra virgin olive oil, or regular butter, you need about half a teaspoon so that you can lightly coat your bud with it. Don’t overdo it here and don’t skip this step, thc attaches itself to oils and fats so this step is dire for the brewing process. It also makes everything taste much better.

2 Tea Bags – Green, black, white, or any other flavor you prefer, have two bags, one to use for flavor, and one to take apart to replace its contents with your buds.

Sugar or Honey (Optional) – If you want to add some extra sweetness that will hit the spot just right, add either some organic cane sugar, or raw honey to your tea.

The Process

Step 1: Take your second tea bag and trim it at the top with some scissors, don’t cut it fully just make a gap large enough to be able to dump out the contents inside. After you’ve poured out the tea leaves, use a funnel, piece of paper, or your fingers to pour your cannabis in there.

Step 2: Coat the bud inside the baggy with the butter, or olive oil, making sure to only use a small enough amount to barley cover the weed with a thin coat.

Step 3: Boil some water, when it’s good and hot pour it into a mug.

Step 4: Drop both tea bags into the mug, your bud filled one, and the other one, and let them seep in the mug anywhere from 5-10 minutes. If you’re going to add sugar or honey you can also stir it in at this point. When the water has cooled down enough you can start drinking this amazing drink.

Make sure you’ve set aside an afternoon or evening of not having too much responsibility because depending on how much of this stuff you drink or how much chronic you used in your recipe depends on how in touch with the planet you will be. High doses will literally have you feeling like you’re in outer space walking in zero gravity.

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