What are Dank Legal Buds

What are Legal Buds?

Legal buds are the safest most reliable alternative to Marijuana, you can smoke these with no worries of getting jail time. They come in many strands, colors and potencies. Like real weed, legal buds can have different colors, textures, stickiness and crystals on them depending on the batch you’ve chosen. They can look almost identical to Marijuana, they smell good and taste better when you smoke them, they do get you high and change your mindset, leaving you with a relaxed and pleasurable feeling. Many artists, authors, and businessmen smoke them to bring out their inspiration and creativity so they can stand out and go above and beyond with their creative process and intellectual thinking.

What can I use to smoke them?

Any and all devices that you can smoke tobacco from you can also use to puff legal chronic with. You can vaporize, use a bong, pipe, hookah, knife hits, fruit, joints, blunts, waterfalls, and many other creative ways people have come up with. The best and most favored way of blazing them however is by learning how to roll a joint and how to roll a blunt so that you can carry your buds with you compacted into quickly accessible stogies. Blunts and Joints can be pulled out and puffed on while walking down the street with no worries of the police bothering you. Smoking them is completely and 100% legal.

Are they really legal?

Yes, they are 100% legal to purchase, keep in your possession, and smoke. The only regulations they have are where you can smoke them. You can basically smoke them anywhere you are allowed to smoke a cigarette. Just don’t get carried away and puff on them inside buildings like banks or schools. The places you can toke them are, bars (that allow smoking) your home, walking on the street, in your car, and while you’re out in nature.

Do they have any health benefits?

Studies have not yet finished proving the health benefits of legal herbs but people all over the world who purchase and smoke them report that they have a calming, relaxing, slightly tingly buzz effect they provide. They help reduce stress and stimulate happiness and cheer while you’re “high” or “legally stoned.”

Are there negative side effects?

They do not contain any known side effects besides the slight coughing if you go overboard and take huge hits. Just like anything else you smoke on, take as big a hit as you know you can handle. Sucking in too much into your lungs is the same thing as drinking too much water too fast from a water bottle. Practice moderation in your hits and you will be just fine. If you’re an experienced smoker, you can take big toakes with no problem.

Can smoking dank legal bud become addictive?

There are absolutely no addictive chemicals that can be found in any strain of legal herbs. You have no risk of becoming physically addicted. You can puff once a week, a month, a year, or daily and quit at any time. You can also start back up when you need some free minded moments in your life to reflect and get clarity, and quit again once you’ve achieved your purpose.

Will they pass drug tests?

Yes, the herbs do not contain any illegal substance that would be detected in a drug test. The only way you would fail a urine or blood test while using legal weed is if you are also using real marijuana or other drugs and substances. Using legal buds by themselves will not cause you to fail any drug test.

What do they look like?

Here are some pictures of what legal buds look like:

Bags of Legal Weed Dank Legal Buds Legal Nug legal herb

61 replies on “What are Dank Legal Buds”

  1. Kennito says:

    Hi, im living in germany, the law here its fck…hard about drugs, no matter what
    here in germany the pigs have token my drive license, because they tested my blood and they found in my blood 1.2 nano gram active THC and 11 nano grams THC-COO H (allowed 1 nano gram active THC and 5 nano gram THC COOH)
    the drive license agency told me i muss show a sober drug test for 12 months, a psychology test, that say: mr x can now drive a car, because he is not more a drug addicted bla bla bla
    price 4 the hole shit approx. 4000 euros (4300 us dollar) to pick up my drive license back
    i want to keep smoking weed, but if the pigs test me next time (with or without a car), than its over, no second chance..
    my questions are:
    1-if i smoke legal buds, would that make me high like normal weed( Haze/orangebud/whitte widow)
    2-would a labor find rest of that legal bud in my blood/urine (like thc or thc cooh in a drug test)
    3- is legal bud something like ak47 or K2, we call that here in europe Spice (smells and taste like shit – and here in Germany VERBOTEN = prohibited)

  2. Josh L says:

    You say this can not be detected on any drug test meaning there is no thc in them correct? And is this like k2 or those popery stuff that can cause hallucinations?

  3. kim Armstrong Turner says:

    We smoke legal herbal incense, we find that we enjoy the effects better than regular weed. We are however looking for a safer way to relax as we do know the pro s and con’s of the herbal incense. How would you compare the effect s of these two??

  4. Allii says:

    let’s say you get stopped by a cop, how can they tell the difference from real weed, and keep yourself from getting in trouble for it ?

  5. tina says:

    Can you tell me if these alternative sources to cannabis have seeds that LOOK like marijuana seeds?

  6. Tim says:

    Is it synthetic weed?

  7. Scott Pak says:

    I take random drug testing for parole and am a little nervous about purchasing your product. I was using NBT and never failed a drug test, does it compare the same as your product?

  8. Anon says:

    2 questions
    1. What is legal bud in reality? Like chemical makeup, something that I can use to research as I’d like to see what I could be getting myself into and make sure I know every possible thing about these
    2. Is there any age requirement to purchase legal bud? I am 16 and would like to know if this would be legal for me to try using at some point, as I’d rather not break the law in process of using this. Thank you,
    – Anonymous

  9. Lou says:

    of course i have questions – not sure if anybody will reply but will try – where are these things grown? what are they exactly? have heard of alternatives that were very dangerous so i’m concerned but would love to try if i have no worries. i need a lot more information on what it is, where is it grown, how long are you high and can you compare it to pot in any way, shape or form? does look nice. we’re about an hour away from where you can get legal pot but if this is good, would rather go legal and pass tests too – do you have any reviews from others who have tried these? are there any others or other makes we should steer clear from? hoping somebody will help me because would LOVE to be able to smoke in peace without worry. also – do they come in fruit slices or gummies at all? just curious. hoping for an answer.

  10. Trel says:

    If your buds aren’t marijuana then what plant does it come from?

  11. Rowland arias says:

    Where and how can I purchase some?
    does it smell like real weed?
    Does it come with any authenticity or paper work to prove I’m not consuming drugs?
    Help a brother out.

  12. Alan Cutler says:

    I would like to buy one that has similar effect as the illegal stuff. I am required to pass a piss test once a month for needed pain pill. I don’t use any othe drugs. I want to get back to chillin out.Please let me know how to buy the stuff you mention. I used to love weed but had to stop because of piss test monthly. HELP!!

  13. Tanner pratt says:

    Where can you purchase this stuff?

  14. Chesarae says:

    Id like to inquire some legel buds plz

  15. Chesarae says:

    Like to get some how where and how much

  16. eddie Maguire says:

    Where can you buy this ?

  17. Seb says:

    How do u buy it

  18. Anna valle says:

    How do I order this dank

  19. Tim Grove says:

    Please send me some info on some dank weed with prices and web sites to order from.Thank you.

  20. Gina says:

    Where do you get these from?

  21. ben says:

    Greetings, where can i buy? and how?

  22. Alia says:

    Hi how do I go about ordering dank legal buds?

  23. Jerell green says:

    I need prices and shipping options

  24. P v rouse says:

    Does it have medicinal qualities?
    Where can I buy it?

  25. Josh Holtfreter says:

    Can you ship to Australia ?

  26. JJ says:

    Hi i need an ounce of this asap please! (UK manchesta) give me the details on where to order from and i will.

  27. Karen Farrar says:

    How can I go about purchasing dank bud? Is it ok to Havre it shipped through the mail without legal reprecussions.

  28. Yara Mckean says:

    I live in Indiana where it isn’t legal yet, is it illegal to have I don’t get it

  29. haamish says:

    Hi where can i order / get in Australia? 🙂
    Also is it legal to grow / buy seeds?

  30. Kourtney Hunt says:

    Where can I buy this at? What’s the website?

  31. Tameka says:

    I am interested in this product. I would like to see selection and pricing and wondering if I can use it in food?

  32. Danny says:

    Please send me the best link to order dank buds online thanks.

  33. APRIL says:

    Can you put dank legal buds in brownies like you can weed?

  34. What does the dank look like

  35. Dubble says:

    Whats in it. I have a great job but of course weed is not allowed.

  36. mandy says:

    What plant/s do dank buds come from; and can they give you a “body high” ?

  37. Where is it sold at, and how much does it cost?

  38. Shane Smalley says:

    Where can you order these products!@?!?


  39. Sam says:

    What sort of things are these buds made of?

  40. Phil says:

    Hello could tell me where I could order some in the uk legal weed would solve the issues with drug test at work any help would be great thank you

  41. christopher brown says:

    where can i buy them from please

  42. cman says:


  43. Zech says:

    What’s the website to purchase them

  44. Rafid says:

    Hello, i read in many websites and forums that legal buds don’t produce a high and instead just relax you, is this true? I was thinking of buying hawaiian haze from you and making the tea you described in your website with it. My question is, will this the hawaiian haze get me high? When i say high i mean the weed body shaking blank mind type of high. Please respond soon, thank you.

  45. Sydney says:

    where do I purchase this legal bids?

  46. Kyla says:

    How do I buy it

  47. Deanna says:

    Where can I buy legal buds? And what are the prices?
    Thank You,

  48. saad says:

    I live in Pakistan. I want to order these dank legal buds, Can you help me from where can i order these online.

  49. Bilal says:


    I would like to know where can I find these danklegalbuds I want to come off the cannabis. I would really appreciate if you point me in the direction.

    Best wishes

  50. Shane wood says:

    Where can they be purchased and how much?

  51. bryan c kenton says:

    i would like to purchase some from you please

  52. Sue browning says:

    Where can I buy some and the other product you talk of in the uk please?

  53. Kevin Phillips says:

    Where can I buy? And is it legal in Missouri?

  54. guv says:

    where can i buy this in uk?

  55. Joe says:

    Where can I buy it?

  56. John Spagnola says:

    What exactly is it that gives you the buzz effect?

  57. sonya says:

    where can I buy some at

  58. Ryan says:

    How do i acquire it

  59. Karim Abu Ragheb says:

    Is this leagal in Dubai?

  60. jew says:

    Where can I buy it

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